Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Buddy Towers

To practice working on group dynamic skills, our Rocketeers built towers out of index cards. While this task sounds simple enough, the challenge was that they could not talk while doing it! Our rocketeers were very creative in communicating with their group members and figuring out how to construct the tallest tower. Have a look at some of their end products below.

Virtual Career Skype Tour: Jeff Rivera

It's that time of the year to jump start our Annual Virtual Career Skype Tour. Every year, we invite professionals from different careers to speak to our classes about planning for the future. These calls give us insight into different skills needed for various professions. We have also learned the path that each expert has taken to get where they are today. It's never too early to start thinking and planning for our futures!

This month, we had the unique opportunity to chat with author, Jeff Rivera. He read his new book, Um. . . Mommy, I Think I Flushed My Brother Down the Toilet.  and then shared how the illustrations came together for the book. Next, we asked him several questions about his childhood and what inspired him to write. The timing for this book could not have been better, especially since we are in the process of publishing our own class e-book. We had a great time reading Jeff's book and sharing our own "work in progress." Have a look at some pictures  from our call below.

Here is a sketch of a page in the book. 

Here is a the final illustration that appears in an excerpt. 

We were even able to preview a video game that is in the works!