Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Toilet Paper King Contest

For our Reading Rumpus Celebration, we had author Jeff Rivera read his book, Um. . . Mommy, I Think I Flushed My Brother Down the Toilet, to our 2nd graders.  After asking him questions about what it is like to be an author, Mr. Rivera challenged our class to design our own Toiler Paper King. We let our imaginations go wild and had fun creating this interesting character. Mr. Rivera also mentioned that he would select his favorite illustration and include it in his next sequel! To meet the actual Toilet Paper King, check out Jeff Rivera's sequel, Um. . . Mommy, I Think I Flushed My Brother Down the Toilet (Again): Return to Yuck Kingdom.

Day Out

Mrs. Deyamport's 5th Grade TEA Time is doing a cool field trip project! Our goal is to plan a spring field trip for the class. Here are some key points we need to keep in mind for the plan.

  • Destinations
  • Mileage, $0.50 per mile
  • Admission price
  • $200 from PTAGrant 
  • Price per student
We learned lots about geography and finance. We also learned about how to find and present information.

Blog Post by Jacob
Pictures by Andrew