Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Skype Sharing

Today we had our first Skype call to share projects with Ms. Lasher's class. We presented our Reading Projects and explained the products we made for our novels. Ms. Lasher's class shared independent projects such as a Cardboard Challenge Game, Perplexers, and Mystery Stories. They are even willing to send the Perplexers to our class so that we can solve them! We enjoyed seeing what other gifted classes are working on and look forward to solving some puzzles.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Career Talk: The Dr. Is In!

Dr. John Gaudet came to visit our 6th grade REACH students to talk about his career in medicine. Dr. Gaudet is a pediatrician in our city and has even treated some of our very own students. He shared some tools he uses for the trade, discussed his path in becoming a pediatrician, and explained how important it is to know all subjects because they may be useful in our future careers. He also reminded us that we must know ourselves and personalities in order to choose a career that is right for us. Thank you for the helpful advice, Dr. Gaudet! 

Career Talks: Hand It to Us!

Las week, Ms. Thu came to speak to our 3rd Graders about her career in nursing. She also taught us the correct way to wash our hands to stay healthy. The trick is to rub our hands with soap and water while humming the tune to the song, "Happy Birthday" in our heads twice. To test out our new method of washing hands we even tried an experiment with glow germs

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Career Talks: The Science Behind Medicine

This week Ms. Deborah visited our 5th grade REACH class to discuss her career as a Medical Laboratory Technician. She introduced responsibilities and background required for her career.  As a lab technician, she does a lot of the "behind the scenes" work required for diagnosis. She also reviewed science terms such as the difference between a virus and a bacteria and some tips to help keep us healthy.  A huge thanks to Ms. Carter for scheduling this talk. We look forward to having more Career Talks with family and community members. Stay tuned!