Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Amazing World Of Cats

Hello. My name is Kameron Rose. If you know me, you know I love cats! The other day, I went to the Audubon Nature Institute. We went to the zoo, also. I saw the tiger and both of the lions. The male lion roared while I was watching! He was very beautiful. He inspired me to write this blog. Since Siberian tigers are endangered, this will [hopefully] raise awareness about them. 

I have my own "tiger" at home. She is a very feisty kitty cat. Her name is Lucky "Boogers" Fluffy. She is super sweet and fluffy. She only has one eye due to bad parenting and living on the road her entire life. Since last June, we have raised her a better life. Well, let's begin. First we will talk about Lucky. She is a Domestic Shorthair and she loves being brushed. She is small but that is not from traces of dwarfism... she is a kitten! She turns one on May 6, 2013! That is very soon!  Anyway, next we will talk about my late cat, Mustash (yes that is how you spell it).  He was a domestic longhair kitty and he also loved to be brushed. I have also had other cats but I won't talk very much about them. Next, we'll talk about lions! Lions are from Africa. Lions are basically cats too except they are MUCH bigger. Male lions have glossy hair around their head called a "mane". Male lions do not hunt, females do! Male lions protect their territory. If another male lion crosses over it, they fight. A pride is a group of lions. The pride consists of 1 male and a bunch of females and cubs(baby lions). The females hunt for the food and mate with the male lion. If a male cub is born, he will become the pride leader when the father dies. Next we will talk about siberian tigers! Let's raise awareness for them people! Anyway, Siberian tigers are the BIGGEST big cats in the world! They are much bigger than the lion and they live in Asia. They eat lots of meat and catch whatever they can find to eat. As a series of unfortunate Siberian tigers are being killed for their beautiful fur and meat. Who doesn't love beautiful cat fur? But seriously... killing them for it is a little much don't you think? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my "little cat blog". Please comment on it! Have fun with cats! And for those of you who are allergic to cat fur, why don't you read my fish blog soon to be posted? Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this! Thank you for reading this!    

Until Next Time, 
Kameron Rose