Friday, January 17, 2014

Dont Judge Me!

By: Langston

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My dream is that someday people will not be judged by their character or what they like. For some its hard just to just eat ice cream without someone telling them that that flavor is nasty, stupid, or weird. I also think that people are discriminated for their style. I have friends that get picked on because of their shoe color or what instrument they play. If judgement of character did not exist, bullying would be at an all time low. But with 70% of bullying gone you still have 30% to eradicate. If people were not hated for who they "like" or who they're friends with, they would have more friends than they do already. So long story short, I wish that people will not be judged by what they like, character, skin color, religion, or even their own judgement.


By: Jacob
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My dream is that someday all the nations of the world will no longer fight and there will be no war anymore. Wars have a huge impact on our planet. Thousands of people die, and the Earth is damaged by the factories and materials used to create weapons and dangerous chemicals. "Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they practice war anymore."

Bye Bye, Minimal Wage

By: Asma
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My dream is that they will quit paying minimal wage for jobs that take lots of skills than for those jobs that pay higher for people who just sit down and organize files. For example, one job is where you have to know how to count, organize, be helpful, and have strength and confidence. The problem is that they are the ones being paid minimal wage. Meanwhile, those who just sit and organize are being paid higher. The people who are being paid for minimal wage need counting skills to be on the cash register. They need to organize the objects on the shelves and in the bins. They need to help the customers who are looking for certain things to buy or eat. They need strength to carry heavy loads, to stand on their feet, and not pass out. You need confidence to do your actual job. So I say that we fight for fair wages.

An Opportunity

By: Ricardo
   My dream, my wish, my desire is for low-income students to get a Bachelor's degree. Everyone deserves a chance to be successful, to show the world how great they can be. There are many students out there that have great ideas for the present and the future of our generation, but probably don't have the right amount of money. Technology might have been more advanced if students who have fresh ideas for future transportation and future communication chance to help. The world would be better if we had more successful people. Everyone deserves a chance to be successful and reach goals that have never been reached.   


Less Hatred

By: Destin 

My dream is for... less hatred in the world.  With less hatred in the world, there would be less racism, fighting, and war. Without any of these, there would be world peace. World peace would be good for countries, and your community.


Money Isn't Everything

       By: Andrew

  My dream is that someday, people will not be separated by how much money they have any more.
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  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. once spoke of a dream where people would not be separated by the color of their skin, and that dream still lives on in the fact that people are still separated, but not by skin color, but by money. I think if I fulfill my dream, I will also complete his dream.

War; Is It Necessary?

By: Casey
My dream is that wars are ended all over the world. Wars are not for anything important enough to kill thousands of people in the army. War does not decide who is right, only who is left alive. War separates families and destroys the land that they were fighting for. War takes time and money that could be used for more important things like education and charity. Scientists should be finding the cure for cancer, not stronger guns. Ending wars would create world peace and a better world.
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Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This week we have been learning about Dr. Martin Luther King's legacy thanks to the help of Tim and Moby on BrainPop.  His famous "I Have a Dream" speech had us thinking about our dreams for a better world. The next few blog posts will highlight some of our dreams and hopes. We hope that you enjoy them!

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