Saturday, October 1, 2016

All About Us!

Hello, followers! We've had an amazing start to our year in REACH and wanted to share what we've been up to. Every year, Mrs. Deyamport has us explore our strengths and intelligences to learn more about how we learn and work best. Part of this process involves demonstrating our interests, intelligences, and dreams in not so obvious ways. Here are some ways we have shared about ourselves this fall and throughout the school year.

Show & Tell 

Each week we are given the opportunity to share a special talent, hobby, or special artifact that tells more about who we are. We get to present our Show and Tell to our classmates to also practice our communication skills. Check out our twitter feed at @reachrocketeers to view some interesting presentations we have had so far!

Photography Projects 

Every year we like to flex our creative muscles and tell more about ourselves through photography projects. This year two of our favorite projects have been our Inner Selfies and Photo Wall. With our Inner Selfies, we had a chance to show things such as our intelligences, personality, career goals, and interests through a "selfie." We had to think about elements such as what props to include, our backgrounds, and even our facial expressions. For our Photo Wall Project, we used those same elements but dug deeper into how we can reflect these with only one word! Next, we researched some famous quotes to go along with our word and wrote our life statements. Although they look simple, these projects involved many steps a lots of reflection! Have a look below at our final products. 

Photo Wall