Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Novel Trailers

As a culminating project, our 6th grade Rocketeers created some iMovie Trailers for the novel, The Giver. Students had two options for their project: 1) Create a trailer to summarize the novel or, 2) Create a sequel to the novel. Our Rocketeers put their creativity skills to the test and opted for the sequel. Check out our final products below!

Group 1: Alissa & Christian 

Group 2: Michael & Alexandria 

Group 3: Josiah, Zoey & Zacch 

Which trailer was your favorite? Which one would you (if given the chance) watch and why? 
We would love to hear your comments! 

Acknowledgements: We would like to thank Mr. Robert Scruggs, our district instructional technology specialist, for teaching us iMovie and providing support and feedback throughout our project. We had a blast, Mr. Scruggs! 

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