Friday, August 30, 2013

All the Pieces Fit in REACH

This month we have been busy as bees completing a variety of inventories. An inventory is a lot like a survey that helps us find out more about ourselves. This was also part of our monthly district-wide theme: All About Me. As a result, we discovered what our interests were, what kind of "smarts"or multiple intelligences we had, as well as our preferred expression style. As a final project, we put all the pieces together-and what better way to do it than with puzzles! Our challenge was to illustrate what we learned about ourselves by designing our own puzzle piece (grades 2-3) or our own personal puzzle (grades 4-6). Below are the criteria for each project along with some samples. Enjoy!

Crtieria for 2nd and 3rd Grades:
1. Preferred Multiple Intelligence(s)
2. Interests
3. Goals for the class

Criteria for 4th-6th Grades: 
1. Preferred Multiple Intelligence(s)
2. Preferred Expression Style(s)
3. Interests
4. Goals for the class
5. Career Goal(s)

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  1. Hello, Reach Rocketeers! I enjoyed seeing your puzzle pieces and the complete puzzles too! That looks as if it was a fun and meaningful assignment for the first week! Thank you for sharing! I hope to show my classes when they start in late September!