Saturday, October 26, 2013

Show and Tell Recap

Our Show & Tell has been a hit in our REACH classes! We are pleased to see so many of our students sharing about themselves and have learned tons about favorite hobbies, special gifts received to hidden talents we did not know about our rocketeers. We even learned about cultural backgrounds and new languages! Our rocketeers have much to share and have been taking  the time to prepare these special presentations. Have a look at a recap of what we have learned this fall!

We are also excited to have our first guest speaker, Mrs. Deborah Gurt! Mrs. Gurt brought with her a Museum in a Trunk containing various artifacts of Jewish life and customs. In her presentation, we learned about immigration history and the importance of primary documents in recapturing the times and experiences from long ago. Have a look at some clips from her talk below.

If you are interested in participating in Show & Tell, have a look at our guidelines by clicking here.

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