Tuesday, May 5, 2015


For our writing unit, we practiced writing some advice letters with each other. In addition to practicing our writing skills, we were also able to share some issues that have been on our minds as well as find ways on how to solve them or better cope with different situations. Below are some letters with some great advice. If you feel like there is a problem or have a question about something, feel free to write your own letter to our REACH Rocketeers below. We would love to help out!

Issue #1: Can't Stop Laughing 


I am a very goofy person, so most of the time, I am laughing and talking about funny things. This sometimes gets me in trouble. I can’t help it! I need advice!

Can’t stop laughing,

Dear LOL,

Conversations can be hilarious, but you can also see it’s not once you’re in trouble! You might love to laugh, but it is hard to control it. Try not to sit by or talk to your friends when they are talking when they shouldn’t be. This way, there is nothing to fall laughing and howling about. Another tip is to keep your mouth closed under all conditions, but you can  talk if it is absolutely needed. Make sure your eyes are on the prize, and you’re on topic! My best advice is to ignore unnecessary talking and try to control your own talking. If these tips don’t work, then relocate yourself to a no-talking zone. Good luck!


Hansini, 6th Grade

Issue #2: Organize My Life! 


My backpack is always unorganized. Even though I clean it out, it gets messier in a day! Help! What should I do?



Dear Unorganized,

I had the most unorganized backpack ever, but I have some tips for you:

  • Dump everything and set up a new organization system
  • Ask a trusted adult to help you come up with a new system if you need help
  • Label everything in your backpack

I really do wish these tips help you with your backpack situation.


Destiney, 6th Grade

Issue #3: Sleepover Dilemma


I talk way too much and it has been a problem. The actual problem is that I have a sleepover coming up and I don’t want to get in trouble. What should I do?

Ms. Talk-a-Lot

Dear Ms. Talk-a-Lot,

If you sit by your friends, move to a desk by yourself. That way, you focus more on your work. Learn when to talk and when not to. If you really care about your sleepover, you should try these suggestions.


Centirea, 6th Grade

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