Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Inner Selfies

This year is off to a great start! Our rocketeers have been busy working on inner selfies this term. Every year, we complete interest and learning style inventories to learn more about ourselves. This year, we decided to share our true selves through a selfie. The goal was to showcase our interests, our multiple intelligences (also know as our smarts) and what we value in our life. Not only did we discover some talented photographers in our class (especially since all photos were taken by our students), but we also enjoyed showing who we really are in a creative way!

Enjoy our masterpieces!


  1. Mrs. Deyamport & Class,
    Your inner selfies gave me a snapshot of who you are. I saw a gymnast (with a very large trophy), musicians, artists, athletes, readers, scientists, writers, and techies.

    Wonder what your 'class' inner selfie would be. What would it represent?

    1. Hi Mrs. Musone and class!

      We are excited to share our inner selfies and group shots to capture our personalities. We like these because we get to show our inner creative self. Plus, we LOVE taking selfies! We look forward to sharing these with your class. But first, let's take a selfie! (That's our class joke.)

      Talk to you soon,

      Mrs. Deyamport & REACH Class ;-)

  2. Hi Ms. Musone and Students!

    We had fun making and writing about our inner selfies! We would love to share them with you once you are done. We like your question about the group selfie and are working on a REACH Photo Contest to update our blog banner. Each grade is taking a group picture and those with the most unique poses will be featured on our blog! This time, we are trying to capture our group's personality and what are all about. Stay tuned for more.