Sunday, November 22, 2015

What's Happening in REACH?

It's been a busy first semester! From digital projects to read alouds, we are working on being more creative, team players, leaders, and more accepting of others. Here's a recap of what we've been up to:

1. Digital Passport: Our 2nd-4th graders have been well into their blended learning course on digital citizenship. We have talked about appropriate times to use technology as well as what is okay and not okay to share online. This month our focus is on cyberbullying and looking at ways we can be upstanders rather than bystanders. We are almost through with our course and those who score an 80 or above on each module/lesson will receive certification in the course!
Learning about cybersafety with Digital Passport!
2. Everfi (Ignition): Our 5th graders are challenging themselves with a higher level course offered through Everfi. This course is similar to the Digital Passport course in that it teaches the basics of cybersafety along with a few extra technical details we don't normally learn about at school. Each student is required to take a pre-check (like a pretest) to see how much they know about the module and then a post-check (like a post-test) to check how much they learned. Although this course was tough at first, we seem to be getting the hang of it and are becoming more knowledgeable on all things related to computers and how we learn and share with them. Those students that score an 80 or above on each module will also receive Everfi Certification for this course!

3.  Read Alouds- To put life skills into practice, we have started our Read Alouds. Students in grades 3-5 have enjoyed starting the novel Wonder, while 2nd graders are getting a kick out of Frindle. Both of these stories give use the opportunity to discuss our feelings and how to cope with different situations as well as explore friendships and what makes us special.

We love taking turns to read Wonder. 

As we read, we brainstorm for our projects. 

Check out our "What Makes Us Special Posters."

Our favorite: Friendship Bands! 

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