Sunday, February 26, 2012

Estimation Station Video

Here is a video our TEA Timers made for Mrs. Musone's class. They wanted to estimate the items in our picture, so we decided to provide them with a little more information. We learned that the difference between a guess and an estimate is that in order to make an estimate, you need some information. Thanks for participating, Mrs. Musone's class! We hope you enjoy our video like we enjoyed yours.

Would you like to make estimations, too? Leave us a comment to tell us how close your estimates were! 


  1. I am sharing your video with my 4th grade math students. Love it. We might just have to make an Estimation Station video too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Mrs. Naugle,

    Thank you! We would love for your students to share their estimations with us. Would you let us know if you make a video?

    Mrs. Deyamport & 3rd Grade TEA Timers

  3. Hi, TEA Timers! We watched the video and stopped it to estimate before seeing the actual amounts. Here's what we came up with...we averaged classrooms ideas.
    Blue Marbles Estimate:50
    Tootsie Rolls: 300
    Pebbles: 800
    Kidney Beans: 1,000
    You will notice the buttons are not estimated...we accidentally saw the answer!

    There were some that we were close on...having a sampling helped A LOT! We had a lot of fun watching your video and will share it on Twitter!
    Thanks TEA Timers.

    1. Mrs. Musone,

      Thank you for putting us on Twitter. You estimates were very close! Great job!


      Mrs. D and the 3rd grade TEA Timers

      P.S. Your 3rd graders are very smart and excellent estimators!