Friday, March 23, 2012

Skyping with Mrs. V!

Today our 2nd grade Rocketeers had a very special call with their 1st grade teacher, Mrs. Velichkovski. She is now living and teaching in Belgrade, Serbia at an international school. We talked about how much we miss her and asked her questions about her school in Serbia. Here is what we learned from our call:
  • Serbia is in Europe. 
  • The time in Serbia is 6 hours ahead of us. When we talked to her, it was morning here and afternoon there. 
  • They have a lot of snow. Mrs. V. told us that they had several snow storms this winter. It was also one of the coldest winters in a long time. 
  • Their school was a house, but now they turned it into a school!  
  • They have about 35 students in the whole school. Each class has about 5 or 6 students. Their whole school is about the size of one of our classes at our school! 
  • Their school has students from different countries. They learn English at school and speak different languages at home.  
We had a great time meeting Mrs. Velichkovski's students and talking to her. We miss her very much! Here are some questions that we didn't get a chance to ask. Would you and your students please reply to us? We would love to learn more about your school, students, and life in Serbia.
  1. I saw flowers and other things on the wall. Did you let your students draw those? (Max) 
  2. How many rooms do you have in your school? (Lisa) 
  3. How big is your classroom? (Micah)
  4. How did you learn about that school? (Jazlyn)
  5. Do you have famous artists in Serbia? (Alyssa)
  6. Do your students have relatives in other countries? (Alyssa)
  7. What are your students' families like? (Alyssa) 
  8. What are your students' favorite foods? (Lisa)
  9. What kind of games do your students like to play? (Lisa)
  10. Do you have a Spring Planting Day at your school? (Lisa)
  11. What kind of work do you do in your class? (Trey)
  12. When are you coming back to visit? (Trey) 

Have a look at some clips from our call below.


  1. THAT WAS A BLAST! I loved seeing your beautiful, happy faces and you all looked so SMART! I can tell that you have learned a lot of new things in 2nd grade and I can't wait to hear more about that. I answered your questions in an email to Mrs. Deyamport so be on the lookout. Also, my students had more questions for you, so we will send ours to you next week. I hope we can Skype again another day. So, until next time, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, and know that YOU ARE LOVED!

    1. Hi Mrs. V.!

      It was great talking to you! I will share your responses with our 2nd graders next week along with a "sweet surprise." In the meantime, feel free to post your students' questions as a comment on our blog. We look forward to answering their questions! Stay tuned for more. . .


      Mrs. Deyamport

  2. Hello Friends!

    Hope you have had a great week. We thought about you all this week and would like to ask a few questions so we can find out more about life in Mississippi. (I want to know just as badly as my students, so thanks for taking time to write back!)

    1. What is your favorite thing about Mississippi? (Greta)

    2. Do you like spiders? (Vuk)

    3. What do you do after school? (Greta)

    4. How do you celebrate Easter? (Teodora)

    5. How big is your school? (Egon)

    6. What do you like best about school? (Alex)

    7. Did you ever see a real tornado? (Teodora)

    8. Is your homework hard? (Vuk)

    Well, that's it for today. I hope you have had a great week and we will "chat" again soon!

    Love from Belgrade,

    Mrs. V

  3. Hello Mrs. V. and friends!

    We love your questions! Here are our answers.

    1. My favorite part about Mississippi is that we have great parks! (Max)

    2. Yes, we like spiders! Most of our class likes them. We have different kinds of spiders.

    3. Here are some of the things we do after school: we eat a snack, have soccer practice,play rugby, play outside, and ride our scooters and bikes.

    4. Our parents hide eggs outside and we have an Easter egg hunt. Some eggs have candy and others have money. (Micah)

    5. Our school is big! We have about 720 students in grades Pre-K to 6th.

    6. We get to learn cool things and we have fun in our classrooms. We go outside for recess and sometimes we stay inside when it rains. (Alyssa)

    7. We have seen tornadoes on television but not in real life. Usually when there is a tornado we need to stay inside and be safe.

    8. Sometimes our homework is hard.

    We hope to talk to you soon.


    Mrs. Deyamport and the 2nd Grade Rocketeers