Thursday, December 11, 2014

Books Galore!

Today, Dr. Bomhold visited our 3rd graders to discuss her career as a librarian specialist. She is a "super" librarian, who trains future librarians at our local university. Dr. Bomhold discussed how libraries are important for not only finding books to read for pleasure, but for research as well. As information professionals, librarians are also responsible for organizing and purchasing books. As an activity, Dr. Bomhold shared some books from her personal collection and had students organize them into categories such as animals and adventure. Students had to scan the books as well as determine and justify how to categorize them. Finally, students picked 3 books to not "purchase" for the library and pick a favorite to share with the class. We also received a book and a notebook to continue our journey with literacy. Thanks so much, Dr. Bomhold!

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