Thursday, December 11, 2014

The "Code" Never Bothered Us Anyway!

This week our students have participated in the Hour of Code. This is a campaign hosted by to get students interested and started with the basics of code or coding. Coding is basically the language that we use with computers. Different codes tell computers what to do and we see this everyday in our lives, especially with games.

While the idea of coding may seem a bit intimidating and complicated at first, we tried the tutorials on Angry Birds and Frozen to get us started. These tutorials helped us practice some basic lines of code. All throughout, we practiced working in groups (Group Dynamics) and problem solving. After completing the tutorials we also received a certificate for our participation in the Hour of Code. This goes to show that "the code never bothered us anyway!"

Play some of the Flappy Games we made below.
(Click on each student's name to play their game.)







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