Saturday, March 2, 2013

Global Shout Outs

Recently, our Rocketeers have been busy with several Mystery Skype calls to sharpen our geography and deductive reasoning skills.  With these calls we have also chatted with several classes around the United States and thought it was time for a little change.  To make things a little more challenging and not to mention interesting, we have arranged a few Global Mystery Skype calls. These have expanded our knowledge of our world, however, we have to admit our need to explore more geographical terms and features to help us during our calls. Overall, we have enjoyed all our calls, learning about new places, but especially getting shout outs from all over the world!

Talking with the Future? 

Did you know that we talked to a class that was in the future? Yes, you heard right. While we chatted with our friends at Crossmaglen Public School in Coffs Harbour, Australia it was around 2:00pm on a Wednesday for us and around 7:00am on Thursday for them!

Check out the blog post they wrote about our Skype call here


We also chatted with 5th grade students in St. Mary's School in Southern Alberta, Canada. They introduced us to fun job called, entertainers. These entertainers sang a cool song and told us some funny jokes while we waited on questions. Watch a clip from our call below. 

Our Logical Reasoners had to piece the clues together. 
Our techy Map Keepers using Google Maps & Google Earth. 
They are so close! 

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