Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Poet's Corner

Last semester our REACH Rocketeers were hard at work composing different types of poems. Have a look at our Poetry Showcase below.

1. Animal and Name Acrostics 

To get to know each other, students created name acrostic poems to describe themselves, their interests, and talents. Students also added illustrations to their poems. Next, students chose an animal that they wanted to learn more about. They were encouraged to choose uncommon animals and construct an acrostic poem to show what they learned. Here are some samples from 3-6 grades.

2. Self-Portrait Poems
Students also explored similes and metaphors to improve their poetry by creating self-potrait poems to describe themselves. To accompany their poems, students also made self portraits out of torn paper. The biggest challenge was to design these portraits without using rulers, scissors, or pencils! Have a look at these masterpieces made by our 4th graders.

3. Sharing Our Work 
As a culminating activity, our 3rd graders shared their animal acrostic poems with Mrs. Musone's class on Skype.

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