Friday, January 17, 2014

Dont Judge Me!

By: Langston

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My dream is that someday people will not be judged by their character or what they like. For some its hard just to just eat ice cream without someone telling them that that flavor is nasty, stupid, or weird. I also think that people are discriminated for their style. I have friends that get picked on because of their shoe color or what instrument they play. If judgement of character did not exist, bullying would be at an all time low. But with 70% of bullying gone you still have 30% to eradicate. If people were not hated for who they "like" or who they're friends with, they would have more friends than they do already. So long story short, I wish that people will not be judged by what they like, character, skin color, religion, or even their own judgement.


  1. I am afraid that judging is just part of what makes us human. We all have ideas about good and bad, right and wrong. The real problem isn't even expressing our ideas but in how we express them. I agree that it can be very hurtful to feel judged though.

    Mr. C

  2. I like the way you had some opinions as well as facts. This reminds me of a school theme a few years back. Maybe next time you could put in a few more facts to make it even better. Did you put ice cream in here because it is your favorite desert?
    Chloe, St. Louis, Missouri

  3. That is a very true and fascinating point! My name is Ben by the way and I feel that there shouldn't be bullies either. They can be very mean. Maybe you should post a blog about yourself and say at the "I don't care what you think." My favorite ice cream flavor is mint what is yours?

  4. that is so true i don't like how people do that either it is very mean

  5. This blog I found is a lot more formal than other blogs.Sometimes I'm pretty sure people judge me behind my back but they do it really well if so! Do that formal thing next blog you do because it was really good!
    Where did you get the information that said 70% of bullying? Eric- St. Louis, Missouri

  6. I think you did well on your article. It is a very good topic to do and refers to many people. I know someone who gets bullied in my life for the way he acts and what he dresses like. I don't know why they do that because there is know reason for it. But again I love your article and support it.

  7. I think you had a very nice blog. I like that you did your blog on bullying I if people would be nicer to each other this problem would mostly go away. I think for your next blog you should see how much bullying goes down if you tell people about your blog and ask them to help you to stop bullying. do you play an instrument and if you do what do you play

  8. “They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”
    ~Andy Warhol

    Appreciate your post. You not only stated what you would like to see happen in society, but gave reasons to support your idea of change, your dream.You wish that people would not only accept, but embrace people for who they are and what they believe in. Seems like such a simple thing. Strange how it's anything but that. I came across the quote by artist, Andy Warhol about the same time I was looking at your post. Wondering here, in what ways you have brought about that change in your interactions with others?