Friday, January 17, 2014

An Opportunity

By: Ricardo
   My dream, my wish, my desire is for low-income students to get a Bachelor's degree. Everyone deserves a chance to be successful, to show the world how great they can be. There are many students out there that have great ideas for the present and the future of our generation, but probably don't have the right amount of money. Technology might have been more advanced if students who have fresh ideas for future transportation and future communication chance to help. The world would be better if we had more successful people. Everyone deserves a chance to be successful and reach goals that have never been reached.   



  1. mikayla from St. louis mo- I think this is a very wonderful dream and to keep it up. I think everyone deserves a chance for a good education. You are a very smart kid. Just one piece of advice next time you post maybe you could give a little bit of information thank you for posting this wonderful piece of information. :D

  2. That's a good idea, everyone should invent something. In 4th grade I had to make an invention and ever since I love to invent. Maybe in your next blog you should write about an invention of your own. But how would everyone's invention fit into everyone's daily lives? How much would that persons invention impact the world?

  3. Good job with the title of your blog. I agree that everyone deserves a chance to be successful. I recommend making your next blog a little longer. If you could make that dream true, how would you do it?
    St. Louis,MO