Friday, January 17, 2014

Bye Bye, Minimal Wage

By: Asma
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My dream is that they will quit paying minimal wage for jobs that take lots of skills than for those jobs that pay higher for people who just sit down and organize files. For example, one job is where you have to know how to count, organize, be helpful, and have strength and confidence. The problem is that they are the ones being paid minimal wage. Meanwhile, those who just sit and organize are being paid higher. The people who are being paid for minimal wage need counting skills to be on the cash register. They need to organize the objects on the shelves and in the bins. They need to help the customers who are looking for certain things to buy or eat. They need strength to carry heavy loads, to stand on their feet, and not pass out. You need confidence to do your actual job. So I say that we fight for fair wages.


  1. From Jacob in St. Louis Missouri-I like the fact that you are thinking about other peoples needs and wants. I think about all the people with little money that get paid minimal wadge and defiantly agree they work harder and get paid less. It would be cool if you talk more about the higher paid people a little more to get the point across better. How many people get paid minimum?

    1. Hello. Thank you for commenting. I don't know how many people get paid minimum... But I know it is a lot. I didn't do much research. It just came out of my thoughts.